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50 Things I Learned From Music (Revised)
Niko Linni

50 Things I Learned From Music (Revised)

So does anyone remember my first whack a 50 Things I Learned From Music list? Nope? Well, oh well. It pretty much didn't go so well, as I was doing it off of my smaller laptop (Whom I have named Stardust; it's become apparent that I name things I own now), without the use of my other laptop (My first one, whom I either call “The Big Asus”, or Nyralzar, which is what I ended up naming the computer for some odd reason when I first bought it). The thing is all my music is on the Big Asus, so when I tried to do I only used what I had on Stardust (one song or so), what I had on my iPod Nano, and what I had saved on YouTube. It didn't go so well and I found myself stretching on some of the things.

With that, I present the revised version of “50 Things I Learned From Music”, this time using the music from my Big Asus. Let's see how we do.

  1. Everything's clear drifting in sound – The Pencils, “Love So Strange”.

  2. A little love, and a little understanding, and connecting with one another despite the walls we set up can really help with things - Shigeru Matsuzaki, “Katamari of Love”

  3. Life goes on within and without you – The Beatles, “Within You Without You”

  4. When the truth confronts those who hide behind a “Wall of illusion” it's probably going to be too late for them – The Beatles, “Within You Without You”

  5. If a life changing opportunity presents itself, and you want it, you should go for it – Eminem, “Lose Yourself”.

  6. Lose yourself in the music the moment you want it, you better never let it go” – Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

  7. You can do anything you set your mind to, man” - Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

  8. Sometimes it's just love and miracles out of nowhere – Kansas, “Miracles Out of Nowhere”

  9. Between the velvet lies, there's a truth that's hard as steel” - Dio, “Holy Diver”

  10. A man is much more than what you are, it's what you feel, and it takes a variety of traits, such as being able to sympathize with people, knowing that a gentle feeling can make things right or wrong, and being able to see beyond the life you live – Boston “To Be A Man”

  11. One headline why believe it?” - Tears for Fears, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

  12. Love becomes a lethal weapon in certain situations, such as losing someone you love or falling into love with someone – Honeymoon Suite, “Lethal Weapon” & Emerson, Lake and Palmer, “Affairs of the Heart” (respectively)

  13. No one is too smart in affairs of the heart – Emerson, Lake and Palmer, “Affairs of the Heart”.

  14. Don't trade your passion for glory, and fight for your dreams but be weary, the trade off happens fairly quickly – Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger”

  15. They stack the odds til we take to the streets” - Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger”

  16. Sometimes you just have to let it be – The Beatles, “Let it Be”

  17. The Nowhere man, who doesn't have a point of view and doesn't know where he's going to, may share more traits with you and I than we know – The Beatles, “Nowhere Man”

  18. What's really crazy is that you have a world full of people but “only some want to fly” - Seal, “Crazy”

  19. We'll never survive unless we get a little crazy” - Seal, “Crazy”

  20. Love can sometimes be a strange affair – The Pencils, “Love So Strange”

  21. You have the ability to unlock the powers and abilities of yourself. Stop holding yourself back with fear and go for it! - B'z, “ultra soul [English Version]”

  22. On your quest for what you want, you will have to endure the tough times, and even emotionally challenging times – B'z “Ultra Soul”

  23. Being a good friend does mean being there when someone needs you, but sometimes it also takes giving the other person space when they need it – Catherine Warwick, “Bein' Friends”

  24. Even great leaders who changed the course of history can be forgotten, sadly by the people they fought to help, their writing withering away in a closet (so to speak) – Kansas, “Closet Chronicles”

  25. Sometimes you need to take cover from people who keep trying to push off their ideas and ways of life on you; conversely, those who do that to others should learn to take a step back and stop doing it. It can make things so much more difficult for them – Mr. Big, “Take Cover”

  26. Equality is so much more a bigger deal than making it so everyone is the same, because in the quest for equality you might inadvertently make the lawmakers pass a law that'll make it so no one can ever grow big. Just ask the trees – Rush, “The Trees”

  27. There is a point where it can be too late to apologize to someone – Timbaland feat. One Republic, “Apologize”

  28. Live and learn – Crush 40, “Live & Learn”

  29. Sometimes it might seem like someone or some place is too far away. Don't give up on it and always hold onto “What if” - Crush 40, “Live & Learn”

  30. Rhymes that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds” - Limahl, “Neverending Story”

  31. Be grateful of being human, because somewhere out there a robot is dreaming about what it's like to actually make mistakes and feel emotion – Yoko Kano, “Be Human”

  32. Things holding you back from progress need to be discarded and thrown away. Even if it's something that's been with you since forever, you must “tear down the wall and let it be” - Kansas, “The Wall”

  33. Music was my first love, and it will be my last” - John Miles, “Music”

  34. Double standards are everywhere, such as “Do your best! But don't cause a fuss. Don't make waves, be like the rest of us!” - Styx, “I'm Okay”

  35. It's hard to please almost everyone. Especially when “your spirit's got you on the run” - Styx, “I'm Okay”

  36. If you try too hard at finding meanings in someone's lyrics, they just might write an incomprehensible no-nonsense song just to screw with you – as seen with songs such as The Beatles' “I Am The Walrus”

  37. It's astounding how much of one's personal self goes into music. From songs about the singer's inevitable death (“The Show Must Go On” by Queen) to recently departed friends (“Black Bird” by Alter Bridge) to resentment for one's choices in life (“Hurt” by Johnny Cash), there's more of a musican's self in music that you know.

  38. Lonelieness is a part of life that we have the power to give or take away.

  39. Everything one knows can be revealed, if only you just accept the presented facts.

  40. Take something in a different way than intended, and you'll easily find yourself confused. -38 – 40: Yes, “Starship Trooper”

  41. Make a little birdhouse in your soul to keep you happy and upbeat during the hard times – They Might Be Giants, “Birdhouse In Your Soul”

  42. Sometimes you have to buckle down and make the sacrifices, put the pain behind you, and get it done, because it just might be a matter of rise...or fall – Yoko Kano, “Rise”

  43. Time waits for no one – Ambrosia, “Time Waits For No One”

  44. If you hurry, it takes twice as long – Ambrosia, “Time Waits for No One”

  45. You can come up with the best answer to something ever, or a good philosophical answer but be weary, a minute is all it can take to undo it – Ambrosia, “Time Waits for No One”

  46. Fear is the mind killer, and in the space of the heart is a place free of fear, a feeling without limit that you cannot engineer – Adam Freeland, “Mind Killer”

  47. A revolution, a change in plans can be a good idea, but if you start getting destructive and hateful, it's no good, cool down and relax (Also, you won't get my money for your cause) – The Beatles, “Revolution”

  48. Have faith in yourself; you are the one who can achieve the dreams you want. Remember the lessons you've learned, and that you can do it if you really want it. You'll claim your prize one day – Pokemon, “You Can Do It (If You Really Try)”

  49. No matter where you go in life, the foot prints you leave behind will be the proof that you've lived through one life, and of the things you've experienced and been through – the pillows, “One Life”

  50. It's your destiny to spread your wings and fly.” - Pokemon, “You Can Do It (If You Really Try)”

Keep in mind, these are not all the things I've learned (and you can find items on the first list that didn't make it on here), as I've listened to hundreds of songs. Maybe some point in the future I'll expand on these ideas and maybe come up with another list, but until then, see you around!


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