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Hijacking of Atheism
Niko Linni
So it’s been a while since I’ve actually said anything myself on here. And well, I didn’t imagine it’d be something to do with religion and atheism, but I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles.

When you hear “Atheist”, what do you think? One who follows logic, science, and reason? What about someone who still believes in an afterlife, but not necessarily a God?

Basically, I’ve noticed something. The people that don’t believe in God or any kind of spiritual idea taking the word “Atheism” and making it all about not believing in any kind of religious or spiritual thing. Seriously; there’s actually been some atheists I’ve talked to that adamantly push that atheism is all about not believing in “Fairytales” or anything magical or supernatural - even though the dictionary definition of Atheism is simply not believing in God. Which means that yes, you can believe in a concept like magic or the afterlife and still be atheist because you don’t believe in a God. Oh sure, there might be atheists that’ll argue those people aren’t real atheists or mock them for holding onto spiritual ideas, but still.

This is the very reason why some sects of Buddhism can be called “An atheist religion” because Buddha never taught that you had to believe in a God - he did speak of the old Hindu Gods and pretty much stated they too can die, but to be a Buddhist requires no worship or patronage to a god. And yes, I once was told I was trying to rob atheism of its secularist by saying Buddhism was an atheist religion - also by saying that atheists get so religious about their principles sometimes. Heaven forbid we use a figure of speech.

It’s gotten to the point where, to me, I almost want to advocate any people who are atheist but still having spiritual ideas to abandon the atheist label and call themselves something else. Maybe the atheist community isn’t really like this, and it’s just my impression I’ve gotten from the stereotypical atheists you see on the internet. Y’know, the kind that you see stalking forums and froth at the mouth if you so much as merely mention God, then go into a spiel about how religion is evil and needs to be eradicated. What’s that? You haven’t? Go search for some religious threads on Fur Affinity Forums sometime, and you’ll easily see what I mean. It just to me feels like this day and age to be a “proper” atheist you have to accept the dogma that there is no god(s), no supernatural stuff, no after life, no nothing (all usually referred to as “Fairytales” or some other childish name) and subscribe to the mighty ideals of logic, science,and reason. At least, that’s the impression I get. It’s like an extremist version of Logical Positivism that has the added principle of “Destroy the religions!”

(For those not in the know: Logical Positivism is a philosophical standpoint that holds we shouldn’t focus on the things we can’t notice with our five senses and should instead study and discover those that we can. They also commonly hold that debates about God shouldn’t be important,and are more emotionally-connected than anything)

Of course, bring that up and they’ll spiel and spiel about how religion has to be eliminated because of all the supposed evil they’ve caused. While being ignorant to the fact that the manner in which they conduct themselves is very similar to if not like the very religious conducts they claim to dislike.

And that’s the other thing. The whole “Atheists who must mention this that and the other thing about religion if you so much as reference it” types. But that’s another rant for another day.


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