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nikolinni's Journal

Niko Linni
24 October
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Hello there, and my name is Niko Linni. I blog about...well pretty much whatever's on my mind. Situations in life, thoughts, spiritual concepts, odd concepts, story ideas, and so on. I post here, and I also post on my secondary blog, located here:


Most of what I post going forward will be posted on both here and BS, so you don't have to follow me on BS if you don't want to. As far as actual chapters and stories goes, those will be posted on other blogs. When I get those things going I'll be linking them on here. I do have a DeviantArt account (http://nikolinni.deviantart.com/) and a FurAffinity account (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nikolinni/). I don't post art much, but again, usually story work.

As for myself, I'm rather nice, kind, and agreeable. Though I'm learning how to be more aggressive and assertive, and to push for what I want and be more vocal with what I think. And I suppose this blog will be an experiment to see if I can do that.